There are many wonderful events that take place in Italy during this time of year. In a previous post I talked about the vendemmia, or grape harvest. But there is another amazing harvest that is currently underway and that’s the olive harvest. Yes, this is the time of year in Italy when olive oil is produced… Italy’s liquid gold.

Traditionally the olive harvest has been accomplished in 2 ways. Either nets are spread on the ground under the olive trees, the branches are combed and the olives fall down onto the nets. Or, the olives can be picked by hand and put into baskets tied around one’s waist.  The olives are then taken to the local frantoio, or oil mill. Here they are pressed and transformed into olio nuovo, or new olive oil. This young oil is thick, a beautiful green in color and tastes amazing!

Of course, you can participate in all aspects of the olive harvest if you visit Italy during this time of year. Just like with the vendemmia, visitors can help with the picking of the olives, they can visit the local frantoio for an up close demonstration of the pressing process and, of course, partake in a sampling of the olio nuovo.

So yet another wonderful reason why visiting Italy in the fall is a great idea!                                 

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