The time is quickly approaching for the 2018 installment of Italian extravaganza! This year’s 5 week adventure will take us home – Basilicata – for 3 weeks and into Umbria for 2 weeks. The schedule is packed with amazing day trips into beautiful little towns, some better know than others, but all amazing in their own ways.

As always, I am most excited about all of the food we will be eating and all of the Aperol Spritzes and wine we will be drinking! We will definitely be returning to some of our favorite places but we will also be branching out and exploring some new establishments as well. 

I will be posting tons of pictures and stories as the trip unfolds. I hope to inspire you all to visit Italy soon, but more so to branch out and explore not just the areas of Italy that are well-known, but especially the ones that are not so well-known. That’s where the magic really happens!



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