Cruising picturesque canals in a gondola is as romantic as you’ve dreamed. St. Mark’s Square, the Murano glass factory, and Harry’s Bar are on everyone’s must-see list. But Venice is also so much more. Get lost as you wander through the Jewish Ghetto where a vibrant and distinctive community dates back to the sixteenth century, when the Venetian Republic forced the city’s Jewish population into this tiny enclave. Shop the small artisan shops that date back generations. Get away from the crowds on the peaceful islet of Lido and relax on the beach. Friendly locals await you by the shore with hot panini and ice-cold Peroni. The calm waters of the Adriatic will restore you. Shop in a thirteenth century convent which now functions as a women’s prison (yes, prison!). The prisoners work as tailors and are renowned for their selection of Carnevale costumes. There is no other city in the world quite like Venice.

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