The Eternal City has been the heart of western civilization for over twenty-five hundred years. There is more to see in Rome than you can possibly fit into one trip. In addition to the familiar tourist sites like the Vatican, the Coloseum, Trevi Fountain, or the Spanish Steps, in Rome you can easily venture off the beaten path and be adventurous…do as the Romans do! Explore the archeological wonders beneath your feet with a Rome Underground tour. Wander along the winding alleys of Trastevere and eat at a pizzeria where you’d be hard-pressed to hear anything but the Roman dialect spoken. Take a food tour of Rome’s residential neighborhoods and learn the history behind the city’s unique gastro-culture while you sample local specialties.  Experience the recipes of neighborhood grandmothers in hidden storefronts on streets not listed on tour maps. Finish off the night in a small piazza, packed with Romans, as you sit on a fountain’s steps eating gelato. Once you visit Rome, you will never be the same again!

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