Happy International Coffee Day, Italian style


Italians are well known for their espresso.  Baristas in all different parts of Italy take great pride in how they make and serve caffé in their bars.  It is a national phenomenon that is taken very seriously.  I am a big fan of espresso, always have been. I drink my fair share of it when I visit Italy.  A few years ago I was introduced to what I can only describe as a game changer as far as my espresso drinking goes…crema di caffé.  This cold beverage is served mainly during the summer months.  The best way to explain it is to liken it to a creamy, smooth, more drinkable version of coffee gelato.  And depending on your barista, it can be served with chocolate lining the cup, with chocolate drizzled over top, with nuts, or just plain.  Whichever way it is served, you will lick the cup clean and be back for more, guaranteed!  So do yourself a favor the next time you visit Italy during the summer…order a crema di caffé (or 2, or 3…).