Happy National Wine Day

I never thought there needed to be a reason to drink wine. In case you needed one, though, today is National Wine Day in the US. Not to be mistaken, of course, with Global Drink Wine Day which falls in February. I'm not sure what else you would do with wine, other than drink it, but ok, let's roll with it! And actually, after digging a little deeper and doing a little research, I've discovered that there are a variety of different wine "holidays" scattered throughout the year! Who knew?

So if I've managed to pique your interest, here are a few special days dedicated to your favorite grape beverage:

International Sauvignon Blanc Day - always the first Friday in May

Lambrusco Day - June 21st

International Rosè Day - August 14th

Champagne Day - October 20th

Beaujolais Nouveau Day - 3rd Thursday in November

So salute everyone! And remember, in Italy, everyday is wine day!