Happy Birthday Nutella!

 A jar of Nutella.

A jar of Nutella.

For those of you who love all things Italian and have a penchant for chocolate, you should know that this past week - April 20th, to be exact -  was Nutella's birthday! Our favorite chocolate hazelnut spread turned 53 years old. While over the years there have been many Nutella-related recipes created, in honor of this big birthday I would like to share with you my favorite, very simple, yet amazing Nutella recipe of all time…Nutella latte.

It was my friends at Piccolo Café in New York City that initially introduced me to this life-altering beverage. When they first opened, Alberto made an iced Nutella skim latte for me and although they don't serve them at their stores anymore, I start everyday off with my own homemade version of it. And here’s how you make it…


1)   Espresso

2)   Nutella

3)   Milk

Put in a cup however many espresso shots you think you need to make it through the morning. Add anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of Nutella to the still-hot espresso. Stir vigorously until the Nutella melts. Then add whatever milk you usually use, in whatever quantity you want. The milk can either be hot - if you want a hot latte - or cold with added ice if you want an iced latte. So this recipe is really great for any weather and any season.

Trust me when I tell you that after trying this, you will no longer be able to drink a regular latte again.

So Happy Birthday Nutella! And thank you for all your years of service!