No matter the season...

 Gelato in Trastevere

Gelato in Trastevere

Even though we are officially in the season of Lent, a season of sacrifices especially from a culinary perspective, I can’t help but talk about Italy from the perspective of my favorite foods! Also because being in Lent means that it’s almost spring and, therefore, almost summer. And what’s better than summer in Italy? Any season, actually, as long as there’s gelato!

During a recent last-minute trip to the homeland I found myself in Italy during the winter for the first time in many years. When I travel with my family it is usually during the summer months, when the kids are done with school. Traveling in Italy during the winter is a completely different experience. Obviously the weather is very different, the crowds are much thinner and the typical food offerings can be seasonal as well.

That being said, there was nothing that was going to keep me away from my favorite gelato flavors! And that is how I found myself, on a cold mid-February day, wandering through Trastevere in Rome with a big cone of bacio and fior di latte in my hand.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I associate certain foods with Italy, with specific memories and with happiness! I could eat gelato any day, regardless of temperature or adverse weather pattern. To me gelato exemplifies perfect happiness!

Do you have any foods or drinks that bring you to your happy place? If gelato is one of them, now is as good a time as any to plan your next trip to Italy. Happiness is just an 8-hour plane ride away!