The hidden gems of Basilicata

Food is an important part of any trip I take (in case you hadn't noticed yet!). I always try to experience the local specialties of a town or region whenever I visit. Sometimes I have the good fortune of being taken by surprise even in the most well-known and least likely of places!

Such is the case with Gelatiamo, a little corner of heaven in the town of Rapolla. Owned and run by two brothers, Gelatiamo serves up some of the most amazingly fresh and delicious gelati and  cornetti (amongst other things).

And the caffè is served up with such flair and gusto that you can't help but want to go back! If you want to see craftsmanship at its finest, check out the above video of  Marcello in action. What a treat and what amazingly delicious cappuccino!

Yet another reason to visit my beautiful Basilicata! Until next time...