Italian Extravaganza's almost here!

 Family vacation in Italy, summer 2015.

Family vacation in Italy, summer 2015.

Family vacations are what I look forward to the most in life! Once we get over the initial insanity of traveling with young kids - packing enough clothes, toys, books, gear, etc. - we are able to enjoy a lot of family time together and create the memories that will last a lifetime!

As amazing as last year's 5-week trip was, I think we might actually outdo ourselves this year! We are planning on seeing a lot, eating a lot and drinking a lot (and not just wine!). I would love to share all of my experiences with all of you and I hope that you will follow me during this amazing 2016 Italian Extravaganza!

The journey will start in Venice and Verona. My daughter is super excited about our walking treasure hunt, our glass-blowing class and our gondola ride! And Juliet's balcony in Verona is high on her list as well. To see the world through a six-year-old's eyes is a true privilege!

We'll then make our way to Reggio Emilia, Parma and Bologna as well as some smaller towns in the Emilia Romagna region. Then, after a long car ride we will make it home to Rionero and for 2 weeks we will be exploring my beautiful Basilicata. This is the part of the trip I am most excited about! I have a very long list of towns I would like to explore, although realistically I will only be able to make it to a handful. Oh well, I guess that means more for next time!

Finally, we will end our journey with a week in Umbria, relaxing by our villa's pool after wandering around some amazing, small medieval towns and soaking in all of the local culture and gastronomical delights!

My next post will be from Italy, where I will be blogging live whenever the inspiration hits (which I suspect will be often!). I will also be posting tons of pictures and hope that you will enjoy experiencing Italy through my family's eyes. I truly hope to inspire everyone to plan their own Italian Extravaganza and I hope to help you make it a reality!