Venezia up close and personal


Hello everyone, I'm back! And as promised I'm coming to you live from Venice. Let me tell you, this city does not disappoint. From my first sight of her while approaching from the airport on a water taxi, to my first gondola ride, to today's visit of Murano and Burano, the entire Venetian lagoon is as beautiful and enchanting as anywhere I've been. 

Composed of multiple small little islands interconnected by small bridges that cross over the multitude of rii  that are the water streets of the city, Venice is a labyrinth waiting to be discovered. The actual streets, or alli, form a lace-like pattern throughout the city that is challenging to navigate even for a seasoned inhabitant. Wandering down these streets and getting lost has proven, however, to be the most enjoyable part of visiting this city so far. There are so many beautiful churches (well over 100!), museums, small cafes and shops to be found in each of the six sestieri (or districts) that even a week would only be enough to scratch the surface of doing this amazing city justice!

And how can I talk about Venice without mentioning the incredible variety of food and drinks available for the tasting? Fresh seafood, particularly shellfish, abounds as do Aperol spritzes, which you all know is my favorite cocktail!

So please, if you have the opportunity at some point in your life, please do yourself a huge favor and come visit Venice and it's beautiful lagoon. I promise you won't regret it!