Italian Calcio

 The 2016 European Cup Azzurri

The 2016 European Cup Azzurri

Anyone who knows an Italian, and certainly anyone who knows me, is keenly aware of the importance soccer, or calcio, plays in our lives. We love to discuss it, argue about it, cry over it and, on occasion, even rejoice over it!

The Italian national soccer team, better known as Gli Azzurri (the blues, because of the blue jerseys they wear) has always been a matter of national pride. No matter the odds, anytime our team plays we rally behind them with the fervor and passion that Italians are famous for!

Currently the European Cup tournament is being played in France. Italy won its opening game on June 13th against Belgium 2-0 and today beat Sweden 1-0, with an end-of-game goal that had me on the edge of my seat! With today's win Italy has qualified to advance to the next round.

We are always hopeful at the beginning of any tournament that our Azzurri will make it all the way and this time is no different. So amidst cheers of GOOOOLLLL, I-TA-LIA I-TA-LIA and FORZA AZZURRI we will immerse ourselves in every game as if we are present on the field with the players, yelling at them and giving them advice as if they can hear us. And with a little bit of luck and a lot of love and pride we will make it to the end and be triumphant. And if this turns out not to be our year, we will still stand proud as Italians behind our beloved team.