My Beautiful Basilicata

When I talk to people who are traveling to Italy, the most common places that they want to visit are the usual suspects...Rome, Florence, Venice. The region of Tuscany, in general, is high up on travelers's lists, always touted as one of the most beautiful regions, with vineyards and rolling hills and cypress trees as far as the eye can see. And I agree with all of that. Tuscany is spectacular and one of my favorites as well. However, Italy is also so much more. There are so many other amazingly beautiful regions that deserve more recognition than they get. Case in point, my beautiful Basilicata. It is not a region well-known to Americans and not really well-known in general. But it is as beautiful as Tuscany (if not more!), with so many diverse landscapes, delicious foods, wonderful wines and charming people. I recently saw this video that was posted on Facebook and decided to share it with all of you. It gives you just a glimpse of what Basilicata has to offer and hopefully will inspire you to think outside the box when you plan your next trip to Italy. Take a few minutes to watch it and I promise you will want to visit my beautiful Basilicata as soon as possible!