What I'm looking forward to most....

 A crema di caffè in Rionero.

A crema di caffè in Rionero.

As the departure date for my family's upcoming Italian Summer extravaganza approaches, I have already started compiling a list of all the things I am most looking forward to once back in Italy. That list is very long and is mainly composed of food and beverage items! And if I'm being completely honest, the number one item on that list is the deliciously refreshing crema di caffè (which I described in yummy detail in a previous post). That is truly one of the only things that I haven't been able to find here in New York yet. Add to that gelato, bread, pasta, cheese, fresh vegetables, wine and most other ingestibles and you have my complete list! Of course I'm also looking forward to visiting new places and seeing friends and family, but my favorite food items are key!

What will you look forward to when you go to Italy?