Tagliatelle bolognese - happiness on a plate

Whenever something has me feeling down - the weather, for example - the one thing that can always makes me happy is food! I can't help myself. Growing up in an Italian household, everything always revolved around food so I've been conditioned from a young age to always equate food with happiness. Today in particular, with the weather in New York being a bit gloomy, a conversation with a friend reminded me of one of the best plates of pasta I ate during this past summer's Italian vacation. While visiting the city of Bologna, we took the opportunity to eat the pasta that the city is famous for...tagliatelle alla bolognese. I've eaten bolognese many times in my life but this was by far, hands down, the most amazing bolognese I've ever eaten!

The earliest bolognese sauce dates back to the 1700's, from the area near Bologna - hence the term bolognese. It is traditionally made with a sautèe of onions, carrots and celery to which finely chopped beef, red wine and tomatoes are added. It is typically served over tagliatelle or some other long flat pasta (fettuccine or pappardelle).

If I had a plate of bolognese in front of me right now, no amount of gloomy weather would be enough to even put a dent in my mood! I guess for now I'll just have to savor the wonderful memory of a great day with great people and an amazing plate of pasta!