Memories of summer...the beautiful sunflowers

 A sunflower field in Umbria.

A sunflower field in Umbria.

As the days get shorter and we settle into autumn, I can't help but get a little nostalgic for the summer days that I spent in Italy. As I browse through the hundreds of pictures I took, there are many that make me happy and remind me of wonderful memories created with family and friends. But none put a bigger smile on my face than those of the gorgeous fields of happy blooming sunflowers we drove past every day while in Umbria.

Summer is the season for sunflowers, July being the optimal month and Tuscany and Umbria being the ideal locations to spot them in Italy. We had fun watching the flowers rotate with the sun, driving past them in the morning as they faced one direction and seeing them in a completely different direction when we drove past them again later in the same day. Then one day we finally pulled over and took some of the most beautiful pictures of the trip, just standing on the side of a little country road, with fields and fields of sunflowers sprawling out in front of us.

Beautiful flowers, beautiful days, beautiful memories...isn't that what life is all about?