Puglia at a glance

 Ostuni, Puglia.

Ostuni, Puglia.

Welcome to Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot.  It is a region bathed by two seas where it hardly ever rains and the skies are as blue as the sea itself.  There is so much to say about Puglia that one blog post could never do it justice, but I would at least like to paint an enticing enough picture to compel you to visit this wonderful place!

The beautiful beaches, the idyllic white-washed towns, the olive groves and vineyards…breathtaking landscapes as far as the eye can see.  Soak in all of that while you eat some of the most genuinely delicious and fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.  Puglia is famous for its orecchiette pasta and its amazingly green and spicy olive oil, as well as some of the richest cheeses you'll ever taste!  And, of course let's not overlook the incredible wine selection, based mainly on the primitivo grape.

During the week that I spent in Puglia with my family we visited the beautiful towns of Ostuni (the White City), Martina Franca, Alberobello (a UNESCO world heritage site), Lecce (the 2015 Italian Capital of Culture) and Cisternino (designated one of most beautiful towns in Italy).  We learned about architecture and art and history.  We ate strascinati pasta, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, taralli and olives.  We drank many wines, my favorite being a Nero di Troia we tasted while on a wine tour with the lovely Paola and Donna, two of the most amazing and expert guides!

So as you can see there is much to be discovered in the region of Puglia.  I whole-heartedly recommend that you put it on your list of must-visit places…you won't regret it!