The agriturismo - authentic rustic food and lodging in Italy

 Agriturismo la graziosa, near Rimini

Agriturismo la graziosa, near Rimini

There are many ways of experiencing Italy and its local culture when you travel.  Where you lodge plays a large role in this experience.  One venue that allows you to immerse yourself in the day-to-day local rustic culture is the agriturismo.  As the name implies, an agriturismo basically translates to agricultural tourism.  It is a farmhouse lodging that also offers its guests food that originates either from the farm itself, or at the very least, other local farms or butchers, or vineyards, etc.

Staying in an agriturismo can be a very rustic experience, but don’t be fooled.  Many offer quite luxurious accomodations, with amenities such as swimming pools, cooking classes and wine or olive oil tastings.

For Italians, agriturismi are places to go for a delicious meal with friends and family, or a place to celebrate a special event such as a baptism or an anniversary.  The food is always very fresh and abundant and usually very reasonably priced.

So the next time you travel to Italy it would be worthwhile to explore an agriturismo as a lodging option, or at the very least plan on having a meal at one.  Although, after said meal, you might be so full of good food and wine that you might need to stay anyway!